Thomas Bernecker as a vampire and Dr. Martin Kröger as Edmund F. Dräcker during the shooting

Thomas Bernecker as a vampire and Dr. Martin Kröger as Edmund F. Dräcker during the shooting

Different performers stand in front of the camera, among them actors and cosplayers, but also laymen, who just had fun to support the project. When the FOMC and the production team   asked people to apply as vampires, demons, elves, dwarves, hobbits or any other magical creature, we were at once surprised by the echo. Hundreds of application were received by the production team and had to be sorted and evaluated.

More than 70 actors, cosplayers, politicians and officials

We were particularly pleased that next to cosplayers and actors, who are deeply connected with the fantasy genre, also some politicians and officials showed their willingness to how themselves from their humorous side and not to take themselves all too serious. We fetched some of the performers from the ranks of our supporters and attendants. Some of them heard minutes before the shooting, that they had to play a role or we just integrated them in the scene.

There was one instance, in which a seasoned actor was not able to play a scene believable. The scene was shot again with a performer who had never stood in front of a camera. His performance was welcomed with applause after the third and fourth shooting and delivered the most passionate and the most believable kissing scene, which was exactly acted as needed. We even changed the script occasionally, because some of our performers, especially from the cosplayer scene, amazed us with the quality of their costumes that much, so that we really wanted them in a scene. Not a few performers came from far and wide, to be part of the spot. In the coming days we will introduce the more than 70 performers of the cinema spot on our website.

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