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Hagen Ulrich, Jahrgang 1967, lebt mit Ehemann und sieben Katzen in Bonn am Rhein. Hexen, Drachen, Vampire und andere magische Wesen sind kein Problem, wenn man sie ordentlich verwaltet. Schließlich hat in Deutschland alles seine Ordnung. Basierend auf dieser Idee, entwickelte er die Idee einer Behörde, die sich um die Belange magischer Mitbürger kümmert. So entstand das Bundesamt für magische Wesen. Hagen Ulrich kam nach dem Besuch einer Ladys Night zu Twilight zum Schreiben und veröffentlicht seine Romane im Himmelstürmer Verlag in Hamburg.

Angela Merkel’s secret agenda: The planning of the fourth partition of Poland – Poland is lost!

Vierte polnische Teilung: Erika Steinbach wird Ministerpräsidentin von Ostsachsen - Abtreibungskliniken in Krakau - schwule Clubs in Tschenstochau

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Ulrich Kelber appointed as the Minister of Magic of the German government

Ulrich Kelber, Bundesminister für Zauberei

BONN/BERLIN (FOMC) – The first personnel issue of the future German government is fixed. Whoever will be German Chancellor, Ulrich Kelber (SPD), acting Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection and directly elected Member of Parliament for the election district Bonn and successor of Konrad Adenauer, has already been appointed as Minister of Magic.

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The Federal Office for Magical Creatures and the Bundeslurch Verlag wish you peaceful holidays

The St Nicholas-Market Bad Godesberg is over and we wish you placid days. We invite you at both holidays and at the New Year's Day to a post-heating at the Federal Office.

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The police is searching for a witch or Harry Potter in the Swiss border area

The police in Rheinfelden is searching the owner of this broom. Have there been witches or Harry Potterout and about in Rheinfelden?

Freiburg (ots)- Rheinfelden: The police is searching for a witch or Harry Potter. The police in Rheinfelden has to deal with a very special case. The case promises high tension for the investigating police officer, because he will be led into the world of witches and magicians. In it the …

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Question and Answers: Magical Creatures on medieval fairs

Some women in witch clothes, among them Carmilla DeWinter in a conversation.

BONN (FOMC) – People of the German lands! Nobles! Rabble! Hereby the Office of Offices announces and acknowledges the most subservient people For years the numbers of medieval fairs in Germany has been growing With the strong increase of medieval fairs the number of questions from the public has increased …

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Ecclesiaexit: Encyclical “With great Enthusiasm” by Edmund F. Dräcker

The Vatican in Rom – Soon only a museum? The members of the catholic church are going down the drain

BONN (FOMC) About the Ecclesiaexit, the new church membership resignation record in 2014, Edmund F. Dräcker writes the encyclical “With great Enthusiasm“

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Flying Brooms for the German Federal Armed Forces: Defence project „Iron Brush“

BONN (FOMC) – The Federal Office for Magical Creatures (FOMC) was informed that the Swiss army is testing or already using alternative means of transportation. Specific and verified field reports are not available, but by all appearances Swiss soldiers are using flying brooms to get to their places of action. …

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The Federal Office for Magical Creatures calls vampires to out themselves

FOMC is looking for vampire boys and girls in daily life scenes, via selfie or put in the limelight, who introduce themselves with an article about their lives. The Federal Office will publish these contributions via usual channels.

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To oppose hatred – The façade project of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures

On 13 June 2016 49 people died in an attack on the club Pulse in Florida. 53 more were badly hurt when the religiously motivated attacker entered the club, which was popular by lesbian and gay people, and ruthlessly shot every person he could. 49 young people, who only wanted …

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About a retired colonel and his probable homosexual grandson

The book is for my grandson. So that he sees that his grandpa will support him. The rest is for your wall. As soon as you have finished it, I will show it to him.

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The Office thanks more than 19.000 Facebook fans of the Federal Amphibian

BONN (FOMC) - Emmanuel Macron – One of us! Magic is something beautiful and the impact of a good cartoon bears something magical!

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The FOMC informs: The duty to wear a helmet also applies for biking dragons

Karl-Heinz „Charly“ MacLurch, president of the MC Dragonrider called dragons to be economical when refuelling the additive Testosterone.

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