Deutsche Post early on connected to the flea network

BONN (FOMC) During the renovation works in a former post office, into which the Department for Gender and Gender Equality will move, it was discovered that the post office must have been connected to the flea network. While removing the old plaster layer some carefullly disguised chimneys came to light, which show clear traces of use.

Discovered during renovation works in a former post office in Graurheindorf. A connection to the flea network

Discovered during renovation works in a former post office in Graurheindorf. A connection to the flea network

In both rooms, which were seperated by a counter, one chimney was found in the walls. In the bigger back room, which only members of the post could enter, the chimney went from downright to upper left and not vertical, as it is expected. The chimney in the customer area does not go vertical either, but quite crossways.

This design suits the Federal Office for Magical Creatures, which is of course in contact to other magical authorities and offices in Europe. It shows that there have been strange visitings at the office before, which clearly shows a queer tradition which is consistently continued with the moving in of the FOMC into the old building. The original post sign is still there and will be hung up again after the renovation as a silent tribute to the last postmistress, the higly respected Hedwig Grommes.

The pictures show some installations at the bottom that are used to dry the walls. This work is done by the company ISOTEC. To do that, heating rods are lowered around 30cm deep into the joints of the tiles between the tiles. The heating rods evaporate the water in the tiles and then paraffin is filled into the drill holes, which lead to a moisture barrier. No water can the n rise from below into the walls.

Of course at least one chimney will be reconnected to the flea network. In times, when certain offices in former British colonies show a great interest in secret data, German authorities reflect on well-tried methods of communication, among them crystal balls, carrier pigeons, owls and, of course, the flea network. Flea powder is already available at the Office, but it is a malicious rumour that it has something to do with the cats of the Office.


The operation of the flea network

Travelling over the flea network


The connections to the magical flea network in the old post office in Bonn Graurheindorf are good to see

The connections to the magical flea network in the old post office in Bonn Graurheindorf are good to see

When a hefty pinch of this lightly shimmering powder is thrown into fire, the fire flares up with a bang. The flames change into green and you can climb into the chimney without burning yourself. As soon as one names the destination the journey past a lot of other chimneys begin until the final destination is reached. The fire on the other side is, thanks to the powder, also harmless but the landing may be rough. The travellers have to be careful, if they want to reach the right chimney. If they do not talk clearly or try to leave a chimney too early, their journey ends in the wrong chimnay.

This kind of travelling is quite uncomfortably. In every case, the travellers have to endure loud flying noises and sometimes cold and sometimes hot teperatures. When they finally reach their destination they leave the chimney smeared with soot. They also swallow hot ashes. Every careless movement leads to abrasions by the chimney walls and if they hit the destination to hard they will get bruises and minor injuries. Despite that, this kind of travelling is widespread in the magical world. With flea powder even minors unable to apparate can travel great distances real quickly.

Long-distance calls over the flea network

If you just want to have a chimney talk over the flea network, you just have to throw some flea powder into the fire. Instead of stepping into the chimney you only hold your heade into it. The head appears in the chimney, which was named as the destination. From this position you can talk with people in hearing distance to the chimney. If you want to end the talk, just withdraw your head to the point of departure. This kind of communication requires one to kneel infront of the chimney, which is quite uncomfortable.


Source: Harry Potter Wiki

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