Head of section Dr. Edmund F. Dräcker is acting president of the Federal Office. Edmund F. Dräcker is a descendant of Huguenot immigrants, and has worked as diplomat with special missions in the Near East and on the Indian continent. He comes from an East-Prussian pastor‘s family. His father was the pastor Gotthilf Dräcker, his mother a born Countess von Stoltze-Ohnezaster. Actually, Edmund F. Dräcker has been retired since 1953, but his urge to serve the Federal Republic of Germany cannot be stopped.

Edmund F. Dräcker‘s commitment for magical creatures

Head of section Dr. Edmund F. Dräcker, talking with Karl M. Bödinger (v.l.n.r.), (c)

Head of section Dr. Edmund F. Dräcker, talking with Karl M. Bödinger (v.l.n.r.),

The magical community owes him, the experienced government officer that he is, many legislative initiatives which regulate the life of magical beings. His initiative “Regulations for the keeping of small and big fire spitting dragons in residential areas based on the building regulations for the villa district of Bad Godesberg” had a groundbreaking character. The brilliant basic ideas of this regulation, which finally regulate how dragons are to be kept, became the model for the Expert Report on Minimal Requirements for the Keeping of Mammals of the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection, Food, and Agriculture in Bonn.

Vampires, too, regard the work of the current president of the Federal Office for Magical Creatures with gratitude. His fight for the zero-blood-alcohol level is as trendsetting as the introduction of a minimum durability date on blood cans, which will soon be introduced in the legislative procedure. His relentless dedication is also the reason why the pharma-industry started to develop sun blockers for the more light-sensitive representatives of the vampire-species, which allow even the night and dusk-active vampires to enjoy an occasional sunbath – without glittering.

Dr. Dräcker’s Near East contacts were also the basis for talks, which the Special Department for Arabic Demons is currently conducting with the kings of the seven Djin-Kingdoms. They could lead to an Association Agreement, and further even to an EU accession – as fantastic as that may yet sound. Currently, Rolf Seelmann-Eggebert is on behalf of the Federal Office at the court of King Abdarahman in Djebel Toubkal.

The life of the president has been turned into a movie, “The Phantom of Bonn”.

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