The exhibits vault of the FOMC

The exhibits vault of the Federal Office is as fantastic as this section sounds. Here you can find a lot of the work of the most fantastic of all Federal Offices. Be it confiscated dragons from illegal breeding, darkest curses of Erika Steinbachs fundus (the old paddling cow isn’t allowed to cast spells anymore, but still does so!) or noble organic honey and also beeswax candles.
Once the most fantastic of all Federal Offices was sustained by an organic bee-keeper, which closed in 2016 after a series of break-ins and which had been present on the Christmas market of Bonn since 2001.
The Federal Office for Magical Creatures followed this tradition and will still have organic honey and beeswax candles on offer. The honey and the beeswax candles come from the Organic Beekeeper Josef Dühnen from Haselünne in Emsland.

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