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Question and Answers: Magical Creatures on medieval fairs

Some women in witch clothes, among them Carmilla DeWinter in a conversation.

BONN (FOMC) – People of the German lands! Nobles! Rabble! Hereby the Office of Offices announces and acknowledges the most subservient people

For years the numbers of medieval fairs in Germany has been growing

With the strong increase of medieval fairs the number of questions from the public has increased too. Whether it is about the “dressed-up” who gather there or about the dragons you can often see there: In most cases the Federal Office for Magical Creatures is the office one has to contact.

We are of course eager to answer all questions as quickly as possible and personally.  The increasing numbers of mails has however induced us to produce a statistic with the most frequent topics and to write a standard response.

Some women in witch clothes, among them Carmilla DeWinter in a conversation.
Some women in witch clothes, among them Carmilla DeWinter in a conversation.

Frequently asked questions about magical creatures on medieval fairs

Please contact the Department for Witches and Magicians or the Department for Dragons if we do not answer your question below.

  1. I feel so sorry for the dragon at fair stand xxx, because it is hot/wet/noisy. What can I do?

Dragons are much more resistant than for example dogs with regard to hot or busting places. Moreover most dragons are extremely intelligent and able to communicate very clearly with their humans. Normally they withdraw when they have enough of the hustle.

A wrong impression is also given by the fact that especially small dragons are very lazy and  are looking in the air without moving for hours instead of taking interest in the visitors.

If you still think that the is mistreated do not hesitate to ask the dragon and his human politely. Contact the Federal Office for Magical Creatures or the market supervision if the human has never heard of us or does not have a certificate of competence in dragon keeping.

  1. The fair stand for soaps sells dragonblood soap. Is this allowed?

Real dragonblood is strictly regulated. Since dragons are creatures and not animals one can only take blood if the dragon agrees. Some German healers and the ambulance corps of Tactical Dragon Squadron “Federal Amphibian” of the Bundeswehr maintains blood banks  for the event of severe injuries.

The term “dragonblood” however is not copyrighted. All regulations concerning this matter which were initiated by the Federal Office for Magical Creatures were blocked by lobby groups of neo-pagans, Wicca etc..

The easiest way is to ask the operator of the fair stand for an ingredients list, because for all cosmetics such a list is obligatory. Normally you will find red pigments, incense, rose petals etc. on the list.

Contact us only, if there is no ingredients list or if the operator of the fair stand does not have a licence for selling products using real dragonblood.

  1. The fortune teller gave wrong predictions. Can I demand compensation?

In Germany there is no protected term for clairvoyance, fortune telling etc.. Although the Federal Office offers to certify clairvoyant persons according to DIN HEX 42/23 but only a few make use of it.

Unless you signed a contract and did not come across a black-haired Adonis you have no legal handle.

For a list of persons certified according to FDIN HEX 42/23, who work as fortune tellers please contact the Department of Witches and Magicians section “Spökenkieker and Astrology”.

  1. The Person yyy looks like a witch or a magician. Are witches and magicians allowed to reveal themselves in public?

Generally each person can choose what clothes to wear. Not every person with a fanciful clothes is a magical creature.

If your sense of aesthetic was offended it is courteous to not stare and to keep gossip to yourself if possible. Please keep in mind that certein circles still see the word “witch” as an insult.

Irrespective of this, magical creatures are at liberty to perform magic in public.

  1. A person in baroque clothes/in a kilt is walking around. Is this a time traveller who does not follow the rules or just a person who did not understand the rules?

It is the latter, time travelling is, as far as we know not possible.

Wahrlich, Dein Amt sagt Dir, künde vom Wirken des Bundeslurchs allenthalben und allüberall:

Über Hagen Ulrich

Hagen Ulrich, Jahrgang 1967, lebt mit Ehemann und sieben Katzen in Bonn am Rhein. Hexen, Drachen, Vampire und andere magische Wesen sind kein Problem, wenn man sie ordentlich verwaltet. Schließlich hat in Deutschland alles seine Ordnung. Basierend auf dieser Idee, entwickelte er die Idee einer Behörde, die sich um die Belange magischer Mitbürger kümmert. So entstand das Bundesamt für magische Wesen. Hagen Ulrich kam nach dem Besuch einer Ladys Night zu Twilight zum Schreiben und veröffentlicht seine Romane im Himmelstürmer Verlag in Hamburg.

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