The Federal Office for Magical Creatures conducts its duties through various departments. Due to the shortage of qualified personnel, but also due to the complexity of the issues, some employees have to cover several departments, either as head or as clerk.

Employees of the Department Gay Fantasy claim for themselves to hover queerly through all departments and give their statements at each and every place.

Peter Pan, Source: Wikimedia

Among the vampires there are nowadays even day-active and sunlight-loving specimen, but, of course, also the night-active and light-avoiding bloodsuckers. The Federal Office, always endeavoring to consider the interests of its employees, reacted promptly and implemented flexitime accounts, as a 24 hrs service-time in the Federal Office is clearly regarded as a big advantage. The moon-phases have, of course, also been taken into account, as due to their special nature, werewolves are completely useless around full-moon.

Witches and magicians claim vacation days around Walpurgis Night. As these examples clearly show, the Federal Office also has to deal with its very own internal problems.

Children’s Day-Care “Peter Pan” in the Federal Office

It is planned to open a kindergarten in the Federal Office in the near future. The reason for this is that two gay vampires, residents of Bad Godesberg, who suddenly became fathers, felt uneasy to send their two adopted sons (resulting from the human past of one of them) to a Roman Catholic kindergarten. As the Federal Office highly appreciates the separation of church and state and shares these doubts, it has implemented a working group with the task to check the further procedure.

Fairies and Reading-Dragons already uttered their appreciation. According to them, the magical kindergarten “Peter Pan” should be implemented the sooner the better. In any case, the kindergarten will be open to everyone, as the magical community places high value on having their offspring growing up with humans. Finally, as the study “Der kleine Vampir” has proven, it is educationally valuable when young vampires cultivate social contacts outside their milieu.

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