1. Department for the research and integration of different vampire species.

Portrait of a female vampire, photo taken by Natalia Le Fay

On one hand this department tries to beware the human race of assaults by vampires and on the other hand to integrate the less harmful vampire species into the human society. Unfortunately, this project cannot be effected without experiencing losses on both sides. We regret these “collateral damages” and will do our best to avoid these in the future. Our activities are extremely versatile and include among other things:

  • Integration of hybrid vampires, granting of blood substitutes. The hybrid vampire lives unidentified and completely normal among the human people, is supplied by the government with artificial blood. For that purpose he must register as a “customer” and, therefore, attacks humans only very rarely. A hybrid cannot create another vampire, his victims are simply “dead”
  • Registration of border crosser vampires. Very rare subspecies which developed in the centuries of evolution of the vampiric race. He is immune to daylight and the usual “weapons”, however, needs more or less long “sleep periods” to regenerate. Also this race is supplied with artificial blood by the human people. However, they are registered as hybrids, because humans do not know about this rare species.  Border crossers can create other vampires and change a hybrid into a creator by a second bite at a later time. It is uncertain up to now whether some specimen of this subspecies are still sleeping anywhere.
  • Detection and execution of the “old vampire sovereigns” or master vampires (in cooperation with the Catholic Order of the Guardians of Light).  This race of the old master vampires is still bound to the classic laws of darkness, they cannot exist at daylight. A sovereign is supplied with artificial blood by the humans, too, but via the so-called “confidants” who obediently serve the sovereigns. This species is known as destroyed since 2013, just as their confidants.
  • Documentation about the development of the Lamia – the born vampires. Lamia first developed on the island Atlantis from fallen angels from Lucifer´s army. These angels engaged with human beings and their children fall from grace. But the Almighty granted these creatures extraordinary and supernatural powers and the free will to create beings of their own kind.
  • Registration and psychological supervision of “leftovers”.  A leftover is a bitten human, neither killed nor transformed. Leftovers are not bloodthirsty but are often psychopathic and suffer from other “addictions”. The soul of a leftover can be made a confidant, which our department wants to prevent.

2. Strigoi – well-behaved vampires

This vampire species has something in common with the more known races: They can stay in the daylight only for a limited period of time. In case they are exposed to strong or direct solar radiation their powers will vanish until they finally die. Strigois are not dying by a  typical “bursting into flames” like other species do. Their bloodthirstiness is kept within a limit. A Strigoi-type vampire is actually depending on regular blood supply only in the first hundreds of years of his existence. They are taking their main energy (similar to the Bubak) directly from the source of life of a creature (mainly humans) without leaving wounds or evidences. But sometimes there are conspicuous Strigois which meet with a refusal by the normal population due to their modus operandi. An important detail of the Strigoi-type vampires is that their hairs and eyes are discolouring according to their age, although they keep up to date to their physical state at the time of their transformation. For example, a 30 years old Strigoi possesses the hair colour of his lifetime which, however, changes into grey until his hundredth year of existence. Just as the eye colour, which always covers all shades of gray and silver.

3. Mutated vampires

A comparatively peaceful vampire species which needs a relatively low amount of blood but has to nourish itself night by night. Mutated vampires possess the ability of mind control which allows them to put living humans under their spell when they drain blood from them. With his bite the vampire injects an enzyme into his victim which runs into the bloodstream during the nourishing process. Well-dosed, this enzyme stabilizes the bloodstream of the donor and stimulates the body´s blood production. The victim does not even notice what has happened, especially as the enzyme closes the bite within a few seconds. An overdose of the vampiric enzyme releases a genetic chain reaction leading to a transformation of the victim into another vampire. Mutated vampires cannot stay in the daylight. Already a short contact with the sunlight leads to burns. However, in order to kill the vampire a longer stay in the sunlight is necessary. The classical stake through the heart is another method to destroy a mutated vampire. Projectiles from firearms are painful to the vampire but won´t hurt him. Christian symbols such as crucifixes or holy water are not reliable weapons against mutated vampires. Many of them are even religious. During the daytime, mutated vampires fall into a catalepsy similar to sleep for which they have to retreat into darkened rooms. It is not possible to awaken them from this catalepsy ahead of time. Furthermore, mutated vampires dispose of a superior sense of hearing and smell. But the last-mentioned can also be hindering to the vampire as he also smells unpleasant odours much more intensively. Therefore, a garlic breath is an excellent protection against mutated vampires. Apart from their pale skin mutated vampires are not distinguishable from living humans. They can mingle with the common people without problems and without being recognized. Their fangs only appear when they smell blood or see pulsating arteries. As soon as they have satisfied their bloodthirstiness their fangs will disappear. In addition, mutated vampires will not age anymore after their transformation. During their daytime catalepsy their bodies are regenerating. Some of them are over 300 years old.

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